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An ideal start

Posted: 2011/09/14 by evilsilents in Activities
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Here’s the TL;DR:

  • Bruce joins Kadavr Black Guard for some PvP and Faction War action
  • Bruce relocates his Sabre
  • Shaz delivers a Rifter
  • Bruce flies said Rifter to new HQ
  • Bruce undocks Rifter from new HQ, to find flashy Vengeance
  • Bruce coolly ctrl-spaces, waits out his timer, and docks
  • Bruce approaches docking perimeter
  • Bruce’s human says a very bad and largely incoherent sentence, including the words f&$%, c#*^ and kickout
  • Bruce’s Rifter melts
  • Bruce’s GTFO tab lags out
  • Bruce’s pod melts along with his full set of +4s
  • Bruce has unexpectedly awesome first day in corp