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Posted: 2010/10/28 by evilsilents in Activities
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A fruitless night in my new hunting grounds – 3 lowsec systems within a few jumps of home.

Just about to log and I see a Crow on scan.  Hmm.  Probably won’t end well, but who dares wins.

He was ratting in a belt and I settled in above him, watching the roids carefully for decloakers.  Boom goes the last rat and in he comes to loot, sitting still on the wreck.  Cloak off, overheat point, point, target, torps, orbit.

Boom he’s in armour… and then the pain begins.  Deep into armour I decide that I don’t really want to lose my Hound for no reason and jet.  Guess he didn’t have a point, or one that could reach me at 25km.

Still I got away, so I’ll count that as a win against an interceptor.  No response to my salute in local though.  Disappointing.