My policies in this phase of my toons’ careers are:

  • No deliberate ruining of other people’s enjoyment of Eve (griefing)
  • No exploits
  • No proactive targets under 1 month old unless in ORE ships (because if you’re under in an ORE ship, you’re more than likely a mining alt and the player knows what they’re doing)
  • No violation of NAP’s
  • No engagement of E-Uni students
  • Always honour ransoms
  • Always attempt to maintain “game” perspective during Local conversations
  • Always be prepared to coach and guide newer players in good faith after an incident (if they aren’t asshats)
  • Always report bigoted or RL threatening convos to CCP.  Smack me all you want, but don’t break the RL law

Eve Online is a game.  Internet Spaceships is not, as the saying goes, srs bzns.

However it’s easy for one to lose sight of that in the maze of spreadsheets, EFT fits, skillplans and corp drama that goes on.  It’s also easy to lose sight of it when you’re sitting in your shiny new Retriever pumping ore into a jetcan like there’s no tomorrow, and some asshat turns up and nicks it.

There is nowhere safe in Eve except the inside of a station, and even then you can be pwned in market PvP, metagaming and so on.  The sheer number of ways that you can be relieved of money and items in Eve is equalled only by the number of ways in which you can obtain them.  Eve is deliberately non-consensually risky and the consequences are intentionally irreversible.  By design.  This is what makes Eve awesome.

If you do not grief, and do not use exploits, then you are playing the game right.

I do not grief, and I do not use exploits.

Of course people’s definition of griefing varies, but let’s go with Wikipedia.

A griefer is a player in a multiplayer video game that purposely irritates and harasses other players.

Stealing other players’ items and/or experience (when done for the purpose of harassment, not self-gain)

And now for exploits:

An exploit, in video games, is the use of a bug or design flaw by a player to their advantage in a manner not intended by the game’s designers.

It’s curious to me that many Eve players view a can flip as the lowest form of asshattery.  Presumably they would prefer to have their shiny ORE ship blown to glowing dust, because Concord would destroy the attacker and that would be “fair”.  Well, CCP has said it on a number of occasions: Concord is there to provide consequences, not protection.  Concord will not intervene in the case of property theft, only in cases of unlawful violence.  There are consequences to me if I steal your stuff: you can attack me if you want and I will not be protected by Concord.  My risk is abdicating that protection, and I accepted that when I made your stuff my stuff.

Of course, by exercising your choice to attack me or steal back your stuff, you again encounter Eve’s marvellous risk vs reward system.  Make your choice, and stand by your decision.

When mining, you have a number of options open to you, even if you are solo.  You can return to a station when your hold fills, you can anchor GSCs or you can mine to a jetcan.  You exchange additional risk for convenience.  That is your decision and you are responsible for it.  Can’t defend your stuff?  Lock it up, or accept the risk of losing it.  Man up, grow a pair and take responsibility for your own choices.

Stuff in jetcans and wrecks is there for the taking.  If CCP did not intend for it to be so, they would have had Concord respond with force.  Concord respond with a blind eye, an aggression timer, because they treat property theft as a lesser crime than violence.  You may not see it that way, but if so, that’s your lack of understanding of the game showing itself.

When moving stuff from system to system, you trade security for speed and capacity.  Again: risk vs convenience.  You can almost eliminate the risk of a gank by avoiding AP, but many people do not.  They trade risk for convenience, as do pilots seeking to gain more profit by accepting the risk of lowsec and nullsec.  They must stand by those decisions.

I am not a bad person.  I’m just the risk.  The risk you accepted in exchange for convenience.  Your anger and hurt are just your brain’s way of saying “be more careful next time”.  I hope you are, it’s a valuable lesson and will serve you well in Eve.  I’m glad to have played some small part in helping teach you that, and I have no doubt that some of you will help me learn it better too.  I thank you in advance for that.




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