An ideal start

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Here’s the TL;DR:

  • Bruce joins Kadavr Black Guard for some PvP and Faction War action
  • Bruce relocates his Sabre
  • Shaz delivers a Rifter
  • Bruce flies said Rifter to new HQ
  • Bruce undocks Rifter from new HQ, to find flashy Vengeance
  • Bruce coolly ctrl-spaces, waits out his timer, and docks
  • Bruce approaches docking perimeter
  • Bruce’s human says a very bad and largely incoherent sentence, including the words f&$%, c#*^ and kickout
  • Bruce’s Rifter melts
  • Bruce’s GTFO tab lags out
  • Bruce’s pod melts along with his full set of +4s
  • Bruce has unexpectedly awesome first day in corp

Plastician’s Loss Analysis: The Dramiel

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OK, so tonight I lost my first ever Dramiel. They are not ships that die often, but this was my first so it was really just a trial run. With this Dramiel I have killed a Rifter, Thorax, Manitcore, Merlin and Hawk, so I’m not unhappy with losing it at this point. Yes, it looks fail that I lost it to a Helios and Merlin, but in this case the type of ships wouldn’t have mattered. However, the loss did come from sheer cockiness and I thought I would just share with you the things I would have done differently if I had the chance.

Firstly, it was obvious bait. There was a flashy-red, -9.9 Helios sitting uncloaked in a belt. I knew he had a friend in a Merlin floating around, but I thought I would poke my head into the belt and see what was up, so I warped in at 50km. The first belt was loaded with rocks. This was smart on their behalf as it would disrupt my oh-so-precious kiting orbit. I hung around to see what would happen and, low and behold, the Merlin warped in right next to me.  At this point I was already aligned and warped straight away, as I did not want the Merlin’s scram and web to even have a chance to be on me. This time I did the right thing.

They eventually left system and I decided to keep roaming. After a while I started to head back to our home system and after jumping into Heydelies I noticed they were also in system. I warped around and again noticed the Helios sitting uncloaked in a belt. Despite about 10 in local, I decided once again to warp in at 50km and see what would happen. There was much less rocks in there this time, so I approached the the Helios without my MWD on, to see if he would get spooked. Before I got into point range he warped to the next belt. I followed him, but this time at 70km. Sure enough, I landed at 20km from the Helios (he had warped at 50km hoping to catch me at 0) and I proceeded to orbit him at 21km going about 5.2km/s. I pointed him, turned on my Tracking Computer and opened fire. His shields were going down quite quickly, but not quick enough so I launched my drones as well. Still no sign of the Merlin. Now he played his trump card; a tracking disruptor. To be fair, he probably wasn’t expecting me to be kite fit and have a range of up to 22km with AutoCannons, but the tracking disruptor still worked a treat. I could barely hit him anymore.

This was where I made my first mistake. I was not keeping an eye on my drones. The first drone had nearly popped and just as I was returning it to my drone bay it exploded into a million pieces. I quickly recovered my other 2 drones, but one more died on the way back also. My damage was basically down to nothing. However, he was doing nothing to me and I was occasionally getting a weak hit or two. It was now that the Merlin decided to warp in. We had moved a fair bit during this time, so the Merlin landed about 70km out. I didn’t do anything straight away and continued wearing down the Helios, keeping an eye on the overview to make sure the Merlin didn’t get too close. Eventually the Merlin warped out and came back at 0 on his buddy. This was a bit close for me, so I turned around and flew away, leaving the Helios with only about 15% armour.

This was my second mistake. At this point I should have just called it quits. I’d evaded their bait, gave the Helios a little scare and lost my drones. Time to go home.  But I didn’t go home. I wanted to see if I could get a few more pot shots on this Helios and go home laughing. I flew back towards the pair and the Merlin warped back into the belt (we had moved about 300km at this point, so he was still on grid but about 250km away). Knowing he was still there, I got back into my orbit and kept firing. I was still getting shots and he was still going down. Almost immediately the Merlin warped back to us at 0. I knew he was going to interrupt my orbit to get in his scram range, so I found somewhere in the opposite direction and aligned away. I only aligned because I wasn’t ready to leave the fight yet. That was mistake number three and was shortly followed by mistake number four, as even though I flew in the opposite direction to the Merlin, I hadn’t checked which side of the my orbit I was on and I flew straight through the Helios. This fatal mistake gave him enough time to quickly scram and web me and down I went.

It was my own fault for being so cocky, but I needed to learn the ins and outs of the Dramiel somehow and I definitely learnt something tonight. I’d like to thank BlackHuey for buying me this Dramiel as a birthday present and can assure you I will be buying one out of my own pocket very soon!

A Night of Firsts

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Plas was online, I had a new lowsec Sabre fit I wanted to try.  That’s pretty much all the excuse we needed for a roam :)  Dual-boxing Bruce in the Sabre and my alt in a covops in case we needed probes proved to be both challenging and rewarding.

Just a few jumps from home Plas caught a Merlin napping in an anomaly.  Unfortunately the Sabre was too big for the gate, so Plas had to burn him solo without me whoring the killmail.  Plas is such a nice pirate, he even finished the guy’s mission for him during his GCC.  Bless.  He was kinda new.

More jumps, yada yada, nothing. I did have a flashy cane try to alpha me at a gate, knocking off half the Sabre’s shields before I jumped, and Plas almost caught a Manticore, but otherwise it wasn’t until I’d docked up at home and Plas just nipped into the next door pocket that we noticed a Thorax in a mission.  Screw bedtime, let’s break out those probes.

Plas narrowed him down with D-scan to somewhere on a line from the sun to the gate, 12AU from the sun and slightly below ecliptic. Not wanting to spook the cruiser, he jumped out and my alt came in with his pimp Sisters-fit Cheetah.  Starting at the recommended spot at 2AU and working fast, nothing on the first scan. Up to 4AU, a double ping. Now he knows we’re here if he’s on the ball. Refine, resize (THANK YOU CCP for the new resize controls) and shortly had him 100%. Quick bookmark and recall probes, and warp in cloaked for a look.

Acceleration gate. OK, now he’s seen probes and he’s got a Cheetah on d-scan. But he’s still there.  Warp in, cloaking en route, and there he is – 100km away, in a cloud of wrecks and fighting 3 battleships.  Too close for a warp-in, we’ll have to charge it and hope he’s asleep.

I park the alt and focus on Bruce, jumping the Sabre in and warping with Plas to the alt, jumping the gate on contact.  MWD on, almost certain that we’ll be blue-balled as the Thorax would surely notice 2 ships on grid, including a feared Dramiel now hair on fire coming at him at over 5km/sec. 75km… 50km… 30km… point. We couldn’t believe it.

A tech 1 fitted Thorax against a Dram and Sabre was only ever going to end one way.  He was cool about it, and we had a little dig at his corpie in system who didn’t even undock.

My first dual-box kill, and first kill in the lowsec fit Sabre (all my others have been bubblies). First kill I’ve personally probed down.  Plas’s first cruiser kill in the Dramiel. Win.

To quote Lady Shaniqua: GF GF

The Eve Gate Pimp Roam

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It was time.  Plastician’s birthday Dramiel needed to be blooded and all of the scooby gang was online and itching for a fight.  So the great Pimp Roam began.

I had my trusty Firetail, Brep in his Comet, Kim in a Thorax (he’s new, it’s his pimpest ship) and Jesse’s Malediction. We decided to take a slightly different route to the usual one up to Old Man Star, instead hitting some quieter lowsec in the hope of avoiding the T3 blobs. It wasn’t far before we ran into a Rifter in a belt, which we promptly sploded.  Weird fit huh? Seems to be specifically fit to kill Dramiels, going by his recent losses :)

Further down the pipe we bounced some miners, but even the “jump in and everyone scatter to a different belt” method of trying to surprise them wasn’t enough.  It felt very eerie down in that part of space, we could almost hear the banjos. Brep has a purty mouth too, so we got out of there stat.

We did eventually nab a Stabber off a planet, but it was way too fast for the rest of the gang and Plas was taking a lot of fire solo with the tackle.  I’d warped away to come in to Plas at 0 hoping for a lucky scram/web, which would have shut down the Stabber nicely, but the risk of a dead Dramiel was too much and we let him go.

Ibis at the sun? Yes, it was bait. Or a very interesting coincidence that the flashy Typhoon decided to attack that Ibis at the same time.  No casualties, but we couldn’t take a phoon.

The beginning of it all

By now we were very close to the Eve Gate and close to the end of the roam, and some of the gang had never seen it, so we detoured down the pipe.  It was very active with campers, and we were pursued on the way out again, losing Kim’s Thorax to a well planned camp.  Not a great way to end the roam, but we all pitched in to replace his losses so no harm done.

Fight or Goodnight?

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Plas and I went on a roam last night, just two Wolfs (wolves?) looking for trouble. Well, we found it in Old Man Star.

It was towards the end of the roam and we’d had a few little encounters – e.g. I’d been on grid at a planet with a flashy Merlin and sorely tempted to engage, but we were almost certain he had friends among the other ten pilots in system so left it.  But as usually happens, you get more aggressive as the roam draws to a close.  I’d much rather go home in a pod than not get a fight at all.

So Plas baited a Dramiel.

I was the next system over, waiting on the gate, and jumped in the second Plas said he had the Dram scrammed. Turns out the Dram was AB/scram fit – once I landed with my web (no scram as I was working with Plas) he’d be toast.  Unfortunately by the time I landed, the Dram’s Warrior II’s had almost finished eating Plas and I just got time to web and orbit the Dram and target the last drone before Plas popped.

The Dram still had speed on me, even webbed.  I popped the last drone and, after what felt like an age but was probably about 5 seconds, remembered to fire at the Dramiel and overheated everything I had.  He was eating into my armour and I was barely scratching his shield – what was going on?

Figuring that he had 150mm’s on, and could thus track me no matter how fast I was orbiting, I decided to kite him and minimise my own transversal to bring the power of my 4x200mm’s to bear.  I hit approach on a gate and he settled in about 8km behind me.  Now it was down to DPS and tank, where the Wolf should have an edge.  The Dram, remember, could disengage at any time as I had no scram.

It still wasn’t happening.  My Republic Fleet EMP was working, but nowhere near as well as I’d expected, even at the limit of my first falloff; and his 150’s should have been even worse.  it took an age, but eventually…

Yes, he got me just as I got him into armour.  All I can think is that I accidentally burned out my guns; but also if he was flying this fit (from his previous losses) he had about 12K EHP against EM to my 6K against thermal.

GFs in local, another good learning experience all round, and Plas got some good insights about fighting with his Birthday Dramiel.  HB mate :)


  • If you’re going to bait, bait close to the gate your support is at to minimise time in warp.
  • Watch overheat once it’s on – burnt out guns are worse than unheated ones.
  • Warrior II’s eat Matar ships.
  • Check killboards before engaging – we could have checked the Dram’s likely fit before the fight.
  • Dramiels are dangerous.

o/ silents

a good roam

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We headed up the pipe again to Old Man Star tonight; the usual suspects plus our latest recruit.  On the way Plas managed to locate a Gila in an anomaly, but the fight didn’t go as well as planned.  The Gila let him come, then released the hounds. The  Warriors made short work of the buffer-fit Wolf, and he waved us off before the rest of us jumped into the room.

We scratched around for a replacement ship, myself finding an active armour Rifter gathering dust in a nearby hangar.  Plas took point again and we continued up the pipe.  Meanwhile we had some gate games with a flashy Hurricane, but as we’d seen his pack a few jumps back we didn’t take his bait.

A Tristan in Heydieles caught our attention and we checked him out.  2003 toon, flashy, in a Tristan?  Killboard check.  Obvious bait is obvious.  We made the decision to engage anyway, and Plas made a textbook tackle while we all jumped in.  It was a long warp from the gate though, and my failfit Rifter popped just as Brep and I landed, out of scram range.  The Tristan made good his escape, GFs in local, and we made our way back home, Plas scouting in his pod.

We continued to scout surrounding systems, but it wasn’t until we got home that we got some action.  Jeffers learned an important lesson about face-checking belts, losing his Catalyst and pod to a cloaky Tengu and his buddy in a Cyclone.  I got made on the gate shortly after, the Cyclone jumping straight through for a double-gate trap while the Tengu locked me on the home side.  I decided to take my chances with the Cyclone rather than an insta-lock Tengu, waiting for the Tengu to aggress before I jumped through to prevent him following.  I’d like to see a Cyclone that can catch a Wolf.

Ten minutes later once the Cyclone had left the gate, I had another crack at getting home, but the Tengu was waiting and locked again; this time leaving me locked, scrammed and taking missiles 15km off the gate.  Another Tengu warped on grid as I reapproached.  This time I broke cloak immediately before the 2nd Tengu could follow and decided to dock up for the night.  I count surviving that as a win :)

Good roam, good lessons in mechanics and fleet discipline all around, especially for the new guys. Shame about the lossmails, but as my ice hockey coach used to say: if you ain’t falling over you ain’t trying hard enough.

this is what we do to poor defenceless miners

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Splode them.

Wtf you’d be solo mining in lowsec baffles me.  Not a word in local from him, though he did warp his pod out and then, strangely, back to the wreck.  Macroer?  I had to laugh though when I checked the stats of his alliance.

Few milestones here: Bruce is, for the first time, negative sec (-0.01!).  It was Kim’s first kill, and Brep’s first in a long while.

Fun little roam up through Old Man Star and back through upper Placid.  OMS was disappointing as usual.  Maybe it’s just our timezone.