I’m sort of a slut for parody songs.  I dig writing them and I like listening to them; and at some point I will get off my arse and record them.  I have half a dozen for Eve and the same for WoW, and a half-assed plan to make an album.  We’ll see.

I can’t find a decent directory of parodies, so I’ll list any good half-decent ones I find here.  If you know of any more, please comment.

Eve Online Parodies

The forum thread is here.

  • Curzon Dax – the Weird Al of Eve Online.  I love about half of these (Tribute to Sabre A and We Be Pirates especially) and the rest are well done though not as much to my taste.  The gay monkey humping one made me snort coffee out my nose – consider yourself warned.
  • Roc Wieler.  His songs are payware, but I bought the album on iTunes on spec and so far haven’t regretted it.  It’s sort of electronic-y rock, and very professionally produced.   (Note from Roc below: not parodies but original Eve music)
  • Luminus Ardokay of Planet Risk fame.
  • Clik Lok by the Noir. crew.
  • Goon vids:
  • You can also trawl through My Eve, but I’d prefer if you commented with direct links!

Other Game Parodies

  1. rocwieler says:

    Hey there!

    Yes, there are some great parodies out there for Eve Online. Mine songs aren’t parodies at all, but rather original compositions based on Eve Online.

    Just wanted to clarify for you, but I do hope you’ll give my music a try just the same.

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