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Emboldened – and a Pilgrimmage

Posted: 2010/09/15 by evilsilents in Activities
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Amazing what a bit of cash in the pocket can do for one’s aggression.  I was straight into Provvie again looking for likely targets.

There was a wreck on a gate in H6 which looked appealing (and a lot like a trap), but as there was nobody in local I docked up in the Freeport and fitted some salvagers and a probe launcher plus a bomb reload and jetted back out to grab it.  Three dual-salvager cycles later it hadn’t budged (I only have Salvaging III on Bruce) and someone popped up on D-scan, so I GTFO.

I thought I’d keep an eye on the wreck though, and sure enough a Cheetah zipped up to it and whipped a salvager of his own out.  Align, bomb, very dodgy GTFO straight to the 9UY gate where I landed three feet short of a bubble.  Apparently I tore off the covops’ shields, but that’s not really worth a 700k bomb!  His mates arrived in short order and we exchanged polite gf’s before I jumped out for downtime.

On doing a bit more reading, bomb-only seems only to be effective as a kill strategy against a) MWD frigates or b) destroyers.   That means either an inty burning straight at me, with careful range management and timing, or a dictor sitting on a gate.  Even then, it’s iffy.

So I think I’ll head back to the torp fit, study Valadeya’s guide and see if I can bag me a cruiser or two.

The Pilgrimmage

As a long time fan of Podded Podcast, I’d heard a lot about Providence and in particular the 9UY4-H UNITY Station, the spiritual home of Ushra’Khan (now Damu’Khonde).  Being a Minmatar RP alliance I always felt a little soft spot for U’K, and I couldn’t resist sticking my nose in to check it out; especially as with Pandemic Legion rolling into Provvie, UNITY may not be in Matari hands for long.  Frankly I expected to be melted the second I jumped in, but Tifa is a bit of a lucky charm and I grabbed a happy snap just before downtime.  Quality.  I salute you D’K, come for your people.

The famous UNITY station

UNITY station in 9UY4-H (Providence)

Also, a nice bomber video from Dirt Nap Squad.


I just won Eve

Posted: 2010/09/15 by evilsilents in News
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So there I was wondering how to afford to replace my bombers when (not if) I lose them again, and lo and behold I get a curious evemail.

Subject: Grand Prize Winner

Hi, this is John from Dense Veldspar. You are our grand prize winner of our contest. I have deposited 1B into your account.


Scam right?  Hey, this is Eve.  Except, well I diiiid enter a competition on the Dense Veldspar blog…..

Verified in EveHQ.  I went from 45M ISK across both toons to 1.045B ISK across both toons.  So I’m off to buy 10 gold-plated bombers and a whole hangar of exotic dancers.  More anything? Moar EVERYTHING!

Thanks John!

No Loot For… Me

Posted: 2010/09/15 by evilsilents in Activities
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Got tired of running missions after finishing just one.  Bought a new Hound (yes, I did name it Tifa is Awesome), fit it minimally for bombing for a total cost of 30M (out of my total 42M), jumped into my no-implant clone and went bombing in Provvie.

Did a lot of stalking and was 10km from launching on a Crow before he warped off.  That would have been a nice kill.

In the end I launched on an Agony Cheetah who was salvaging after his gang knocked off a ‘Geddon.  The pilot was good – he had his finger on the warp button as he salvaged, and spammed it as soon as he saw me decloak.  I got a good bomb off, and he evemailed me afterwards to say it was close enough that he heard the bomb in warp :)

Sigh, still no killmails for me, but I’m getting closer.

It Pays To Pay Compliments

Posted: 2010/09/13 by evilsilents in Activities

Today I have stumbled upon a new way of making 240M/hr.  Herewith the chatlog from a short lurk in E-Uni channel, after the break…

R.I.P. Bobby’s Megathron

Posted: 2010/09/12 by evilsilents in Activities
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My precious Hound from last night’s shenanigans is now nothing more than a 25M piece of salvage in the hands of Agony Unleashed.

Brep wasn’t going to be around much tonight, so I figured I’d drop her in the H6-CX8 station, jumpclone out and pirate for a bit.  Well Agony must have noticed me coming down the pipe, because as I jumped into H6 a Sabre warped on grid and bubbled my ass.  I cloaked and drove out of it, but she managed to decloak me just as I was warping off.  Hounds being made of paper, and this being my first ever bubble escape, I didn’t get onto the Pod Saver tab until it was too late.  Boom. Boom.

Ignore the fail torps, it was all I could find and I was going to replace them with explosive ones in H6.

GF via evemail once my pulse slowed down a bit.  All credit to Chumpgirl, it was a good fight.  I’ll be back as soon as I can buy a new Hound…

I aim to misbehave

Posted: 2010/09/11 by evilsilents in Activities
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It seems evilsilents is morphing into a serious competitor for failblog.  Check it people, this is what happens when you let carebears loose in nullsec.

Today’s first fail is best told in the style of the Crash Test Dummies’ “Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm”.

Once there was this guy who
jumped into a gatecamp in a PvE Myrm
and when he started melting
he spammed planet mode instead of warping
Fifty million skillpoints and still a total noooo ooooob
Mmm mmm mmm mmm Mmm mmm mmm mmm

Poor Brep.  Not much in the way of hope against that determined camp.

Then our friend who invited us into Providence apparently forgot to tell his alliance.  As it turns out, we’re not blue to Agony Unleashed any more.  This will certainly not be related to any future tears and/or fail.  Apologies to the folks who were inconvenienced and/or hassled by this turn of events.

Today’s final fail relates to yours truly.  Eve Uni turns out many different types of students, but one of the more common ones has come to be referred to the “baby Doberman” – all paws, slobber and teeth, and no redeeming PvP features other than a lack of fear of losing ships.  *bows*

Again, with apologies to the Crash Test Dummies:

Then there was a Hound who
stalked an interceptor for an hour and a half
and when he finally bombed him
he found a Stabber isn’t an inty
He couldn’t understand how it tanked twelve hundred damage
Mmm mmm mmm mmm Mmm mmm mmm mmm

Still, the guy must have pooped his pants, and that was my first ever PvP bomb.  If I’d actually bothered to check the ship instead of confusing it with a Claw, I would have stuck around and torpedoed him instead of warping out like a bitch.  Or maybe given the Agony guys a warp-in.

Choo choo.

I’m in 0.0!

Posted: 2010/09/06 by evilsilents in News

Another new experience.  A friend and former corpmate, now in a well-known PvP alliance, invited us down to Providence to check out the scene.  So here I am docked up in a bona fide 0.0 outpost and I wasn’t melted the second I jumped in!  Amazing.

A few more trips to get my bomber and ratting ships, and I’ll try the 0.0 lifestyle for a bit.  Might even make myself useful to the Alliance, if they need scouts, bombers or newbie inty pilots.  That reminds me, I should really buy a few Stilettos…