An ideal start

Posted: 2011/09/14 by evilsilents in Activities
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Here’s the TL;DR:

  • Bruce joins Kadavr Black Guard for some PvP and Faction War action
  • Bruce relocates his Sabre
  • Shaz delivers a Rifter
  • Bruce flies said Rifter to new HQ
  • Bruce undocks Rifter from new HQ, to find flashy Vengeance
  • Bruce coolly ctrl-spaces, waits out his timer, and docks
  • Bruce approaches docking perimeter
  • Bruce’s human says a very bad and largely incoherent sentence, including the words f&$%, c#*^ and kickout
  • Bruce’s Rifter melts
  • Bruce’s GTFO tab lags out
  • Bruce’s pod melts along with his full set of +4s
  • Bruce has unexpectedly awesome first day in corp
  1. doh!

    I can see that I’m going to have to start teaching about how to never again get caught by station camps (unless you’re just really, really lagged out, that is). Send me a message in-game and I’ll share some secrets with you.

  2. evilsilents says:

    Always up for tips, but this one was really a combination of having only just arrived at the system so having no insta-undock, being surprised by the huge kickout, and having one eye on Doctor Who instead of both in the game :)

    Once I’d hit “dock” after my timer expired, and started slowboating to the perimeter, it was a couple of seconds before I realised what happened. In that time he’d locked me and started wailing on me, with zero transversal as I was heading back to the dock. I figured the best chance I had was to hit AB and the repper, overheat everything and try to make the dock. He already had the drop on me so turning around to fight would achieve nothing. Really it was lost as soon as I hit undock, as I had no insta-. If I’d got on the GTFO tab earlier, before I was in structure, I might have beat the lag to get my pod out, but it’s pretty much the fastest death I can remember.

    Another thing with the pod was I knew if I started spamming warp to a planet, I’d definitely lose the Rifter as I’d lose focus on the dock. It was sort of a split second gamble… should I see if maybe my tank would hold back to the dock, or commit to losing the Rifter and almost certainly save my pod? 20/20 hindsight I would have taken the Rifter loss on the chin and saved my implants, but that’s how it goes.

    He was well prepared and, when chatting to him later, it wasn’t his first time camping that undock.

    One other thing was that I still had “outlaw” higher than “militia war target” on overview, so was thinking during the session wait that he wouldn’t be able to tank station guns. First time in militia, fixed.

  3. Nashh kadavr says:

    Ah yes the TLF station has a slight lockout. We are actually relocating to a different station in dal. I forgot which one …

    I’ll get it on the forum.

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