Plastician’s Loss Analysis: The Dramiel

Posted: 2011/08/11 by voidjapan in Uncategorized

OK, so tonight I lost my first ever Dramiel. They are not ships that die often, but this was my first so it was really just a trial run. With this Dramiel I have killed a Rifter, Thorax, Manitcore, Merlin and Hawk, so I’m not unhappy with losing it at this point. Yes, it looks fail that I lost it to a Helios and Merlin, but in this case the type of ships wouldn’t have mattered. However, the loss did come from sheer cockiness and I thought I would just share with you the things I would have done differently if I had the chance.

Firstly, it was obvious bait. There was a flashy-red, -9.9 Helios sitting uncloaked in a belt. I knew he had a friend in a Merlin floating around, but I thought I would poke my head into the belt and see what was up, so I warped in at 50km. The first belt was loaded with rocks. This was smart on their behalf as it would disrupt my oh-so-precious kiting orbit. I hung around to see what would happen and, low and behold, the Merlin warped in right next to me.  At this point I was already aligned and warped straight away, as I did not want the Merlin’s scram and web to even have a chance to be on me. This time I did the right thing.

They eventually left system and I decided to keep roaming. After a while I started to head back to our home system and after jumping into Heydelies I noticed they were also in system. I warped around and again noticed the Helios sitting uncloaked in a belt. Despite about 10 in local, I decided once again to warp in at 50km and see what would happen. There was much less rocks in there this time, so I approached the the Helios without my MWD on, to see if he would get spooked. Before I got into point range he warped to the next belt. I followed him, but this time at 70km. Sure enough, I landed at 20km from the Helios (he had warped at 50km hoping to catch me at 0) and I proceeded to orbit him at 21km going about 5.2km/s. I pointed him, turned on my Tracking Computer and opened fire. His shields were going down quite quickly, but not quick enough so I launched my drones as well. Still no sign of the Merlin. Now he played his trump card; a tracking disruptor. To be fair, he probably wasn’t expecting me to be kite fit and have a range of up to 22km with AutoCannons, but the tracking disruptor still worked a treat. I could barely hit him anymore.

This was where I made my first mistake. I was not keeping an eye on my drones. The first drone had nearly popped and just as I was returning it to my drone bay it exploded into a million pieces. I quickly recovered my other 2 drones, but one more died on the way back also. My damage was basically down to nothing. However, he was doing nothing to me and I was occasionally getting a weak hit or two. It was now that the Merlin decided to warp in. We had moved a fair bit during this time, so the Merlin landed about 70km out. I didn’t do anything straight away and continued wearing down the Helios, keeping an eye on the overview to make sure the Merlin didn’t get too close. Eventually the Merlin warped out and came back at 0 on his buddy. This was a bit close for me, so I turned around and flew away, leaving the Helios with only about 15% armour.

This was my second mistake. At this point I should have just called it quits. I’d evaded their bait, gave the Helios a little scare and lost my drones. Time to go home.  But I didn’t go home. I wanted to see if I could get a few more pot shots on this Helios and go home laughing. I flew back towards the pair and the Merlin warped back into the belt (we had moved about 300km at this point, so he was still on grid but about 250km away). Knowing he was still there, I got back into my orbit and kept firing. I was still getting shots and he was still going down. Almost immediately the Merlin warped back to us at 0. I knew he was going to interrupt my orbit to get in his scram range, so I found somewhere in the opposite direction and aligned away. I only aligned because I wasn’t ready to leave the fight yet. That was mistake number three and was shortly followed by mistake number four, as even though I flew in the opposite direction to the Merlin, I hadn’t checked which side of the my orbit I was on and I flew straight through the Helios. This fatal mistake gave him enough time to quickly scram and web me and down I went.

It was my own fault for being so cocky, but I needed to learn the ins and outs of the Dramiel somehow and I definitely learnt something tonight. I’d like to thank BlackHuey for buying me this Dramiel as a birthday present and can assure you I will be buying one out of my own pocket very soon!


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