The Eve Gate Pimp Roam

Posted: 2011/08/08 by evilsilents in Activities
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It was time.  Plastician’s birthday Dramiel needed to be blooded and all of the scooby gang was online and itching for a fight.  So the great Pimp Roam began.

I had my trusty Firetail, Brep in his Comet, Kim in a Thorax (he’s new, it’s his pimpest ship) and Jesse’s Malediction. We decided to take a slightly different route to the usual one up to Old Man Star, instead hitting some quieter lowsec in the hope of avoiding the T3 blobs. It wasn’t far before we ran into a Rifter in a belt, which we promptly sploded.  Weird fit huh? Seems to be specifically fit to kill Dramiels, going by his recent losses :)

Further down the pipe we bounced some miners, but even the “jump in and everyone scatter to a different belt” method of trying to surprise them wasn’t enough.  It felt very eerie down in that part of space, we could almost hear the banjos. Brep has a purty mouth too, so we got out of there stat.

We did eventually nab a Stabber off a planet, but it was way too fast for the rest of the gang and Plas was taking a lot of fire solo with the tackle.  I’d warped away to come in to Plas at 0 hoping for a lucky scram/web, which would have shut down the Stabber nicely, but the risk of a dead Dramiel was too much and we let him go.

Ibis at the sun? Yes, it was bait. Or a very interesting coincidence that the flashy Typhoon decided to attack that Ibis at the same time.  No casualties, but we couldn’t take a phoon.

The beginning of it all

By now we were very close to the Eve Gate and close to the end of the roam, and some of the gang had never seen it, so we detoured down the pipe.  It was very active with campers, and we were pursued on the way out again, losing Kim’s Thorax to a well planned camp.  Not a great way to end the roam, but we all pitched in to replace his losses so no harm done.


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