A Night of Firsts

Posted: 2011/08/08 by evilsilents in Activities
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Plas was online, I had a new lowsec Sabre fit I wanted to try.  That’s pretty much all the excuse we needed for a roam :)  Dual-boxing Bruce in the Sabre and my alt in a covops in case we needed probes proved to be both challenging and rewarding.

Just a few jumps from home Plas caught a Merlin napping in an anomaly.  Unfortunately the Sabre was too big for the gate, so Plas had to burn him solo without me whoring the killmail.  Plas is such a nice pirate, he even finished the guy’s mission for him during his GCC.  Bless.  He was kinda new.

More jumps, yada yada, nothing. I did have a flashy cane try to alpha me at a gate, knocking off half the Sabre’s shields before I jumped, and Plas almost caught a Manticore, but otherwise it wasn’t until I’d docked up at home and Plas just nipped into the next door pocket that we noticed a Thorax in a mission.  Screw bedtime, let’s break out those probes.

Plas narrowed him down with D-scan to somewhere on a line from the sun to the gate, 12AU from the sun and slightly below ecliptic. Not wanting to spook the cruiser, he jumped out and my alt came in with his pimp Sisters-fit Cheetah.  Starting at the recommended spot at 2AU and working fast, nothing on the first scan. Up to 4AU, a double ping. Now he knows we’re here if he’s on the ball. Refine, resize (THANK YOU CCP for the new resize controls) and shortly had him 100%. Quick bookmark and recall probes, and warp in cloaked for a look.

Acceleration gate. OK, now he’s seen probes and he’s got a Cheetah on d-scan. But he’s still there.  Warp in, cloaking en route, and there he is – 100km away, in a cloud of wrecks and fighting 3 battleships.  Too close for a warp-in, we’ll have to charge it and hope he’s asleep.

I park the alt and focus on Bruce, jumping the Sabre in and warping with Plas to the alt, jumping the gate on contact.  MWD on, almost certain that we’ll be blue-balled as the Thorax would surely notice 2 ships on grid, including a feared Dramiel now hair on fire coming at him at over 5km/sec. 75km… 50km… 30km… point. We couldn’t believe it.

A tech 1 fitted Thorax against a Dram and Sabre was only ever going to end one way.  He was cool about it, and we had a little dig at his corpie in system who didn’t even undock.

My first dual-box kill, and first kill in the lowsec fit Sabre (all my others have been bubblies). First kill I’ve personally probed down.  Plas’s first cruiser kill in the Dramiel. Win.

To quote Lady Shaniqua: GF GF


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