pwn… pwnt… pwnd… pwnage

Posted: 2011/07/25 by evilsilents in Activities
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Killboard.  At least I had the presence of mind to get my pods out.

Story tomorrow. Busy licking my wounds.

*the next day*

Sometimes it takes a shock to revive old instincts.

In my case, sometimes it takes a 110 million ISK loss of 2 ships to remind me that a single positive-sec pilot in lowsec just might have a nasty surprise in wait for me.

So I scanned down our new 0.2 sec home before downtime last night. 2 mag sites, a ladar, a grav and a class 3 wormhole. I hit one of the mags (disappointing loot) and decided I would hit the second mag straight after DT, then jump both toons into the C3 to find shenanigans.

Servers up, Shaz’s ratting Cane out, into the mag site and salvage ahoy.  Maybe I’ll get another faction BPC one day, like the Dram I found on my first ever mag site.  Bruce sitting on the entry gate to our pocket in his Hound. Routine.

Local blips. Mr joor metafor, a single positive-sec pilot, jumps in. I’ve seen him before though have never seen what he flies. Probably a covops right, scanning for whatever carebears scan for (Fail #0: a simple check of would have warned me of what was to come). Nothing on d-scan, carry on. I’m in a difficult-to-scan mag site, I’ve got some time.

Of course the mag site might be difficult to scan, but a Cane isn’t. Fail #1 – assumption error. And for some idiotic reason, Shaz doesn’t have probes on her ratting overview. Fail #2 – overview laziness.

A short time later, the hairs go up on my neck. Maybe it’s not such a great idea to be here alone; our +1 is still in system. Screw it, only a few more cans to go. I warp Bruce in cloak to 100 off Shaz in the mag site. Fail #3 – why not closer? Why not dock up the cane?

Then it happens: it turns out joor flies an Arazu. Which points the (arty fit) Cane 40km out and proceeds to damp the shit out of me.

I try to burn out of point/damp range, he’s too fast. This was when I really could have used Bruce in close; a point, TP and three Caldari Navy Bane torps would have made the fight more interesting for the Arazu. Screw him then – he wants to fight, I’ll give him one. I hit Bruce for a 20km orbit to get under his damps (still in cloak, 90km off) approach in AB on Shaz and switch to Tremor, still trying to lock through the haze of EWAR. Drones out ready, pinging D-scan. Nothing, and no more in local.

As I burned the Cane in to pound the Arazu, hoping that he doesn’t have the cap to run all those damps plus prop and point (losing any of which would improve my survival chances) he plays his joker. A cyno. Oh… bollocks. Hello Mr Musori Smorgasbord in a Widow. I still can’t lock the Arazu, so I go for a close orbit on the Widow and pound it with Quake and Hobgoblin II’s. Maybe he doesn’t have a tank. I’m in armour, and so far it’s holding.

And then I start getting Hammerhead II’s from the Arazu, and Caldari Navy Mjolnir’s from the Widow. The tank no longer holding, I need a distraction. (Fail #4 – I didn’t overheat the repper).

Uncloak Bruce who is now 30km off (possibly Fail #5 – a more timid or possibly brighter pilot might have cut his losses), lock both Arazu and Widow and torp… the Widow. Fail #6. Heat of the moment misclick. No point, I want these guys to run as this is a battle I can’t win.

At this point Shaz goes into structure, and shortly later is in her pod. Thinking of her full set of +4’s, worth more than the Hound, I focus on getting her out (successfully) while trying to MWD Bruce out of point range. Of course by then Bruce had 2 flights of Hammerhead II’s on him, and shortly afterwards made the trip back to the station in his own pod with his full set of +4s also intact.

GF in local and we had a good chat about it. He wasn’t a douche, just a guy multiboxing 2 covert ops ships looking for GFs. Same as I do. He promised to take good care of the exotic dancers, and I started buying a replacement Cane and Hound at Jita.

Was that lesson worth 110 million ISK? Worth it or not, that’s what the lesson cost.  As with many things like this, it was not a single error that lost me that money, but a number of them that combined and cascaded.

Fly dangerous o7


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