Another swing and a (sortof) miss

Posted: 2011/07/20 by evilsilents in Activities
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I popped Bruce out in the covert ops in my home system to see what was up.  D-scan picked up an absolute shedful of large and medium pirate wrecks, off the ecliptic for an easy probe.  A short time later (I love the new Alt- probe reposition mechanic)  I was in a spent Level 4 mission with a Navy Dominix or something on probe, clearly finishing up later rooms, and a cloud of wrecks.  Vandals.

Shaz came in with her Vigil and got to work.  I left looting, just focusing on hoovering the battleship salvage, as I had nothing that could take the battleship if and when it returned and shot at the Vigil.  I nommed away until the wrecks were almost gone, at which point a Noctis jumped in.  Seems our missioner wants my wrecks.  I don’t think so.

We competed for the last couple of wrecks while I radioed for our New Guy to jump in with his Tristan and start looting.  Although this seems a cowardly act, Bruce was by this time in a lazy overwatch over the Noctis in his Hound, waiting for a dumb move and I’d need to focus on him if shit went down.  Some people can PvP 2 accounts at once, but I’m too old for that.  Anyway, I bought him that Tristan :)

Shaz and the Noctis fought over the last wreck, with Shaz salvaging as he tractored. Shaz won :)  I quickly popped out a can with a single Armour Plate in it and motored away, hoping the Noctis pilot would be pissed off enough to grab it or stupid enough to click through the warning in his rush; at which point Bruce would unleash hell.  He sure thought about it.  Sat there next to the can for a whole minute in his untanked salvage boat, weighing up the pros and cons of stealing from a salvage Vigil and a Tristan over 80km away and red to him.

One finger on the cloak button.  Another on the point. Mouse at the ready for clicking the second he went red.

Instead, he jumped into room 2.  Punk.  Bruce settled in above the can just in case he came back, and Shaz and New Guy followed the Noctis; New Guy with orders to hug the Noctis and loot every can that dropped, and Shaz doing her “chase the tractoring cans while salvaging them” trick.

We did this for two more rooms, accruing a hold full of Armour Plates, meta modules and assorted paraphenalia.  Not exactly a bounty for me, but for a two week old pilot, 10 mill is a fortune.  Mr Noctis never peeped a word and left the system shortly afterwards.

Yarr… ?


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