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Posted: 2011/07/19 by evilsilents in Activities
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I had some time during the day today to scan down the surrounding systems, looking for wormholes in which to conduct shenanigans. After four systems, I’d located four Serpentis sites and one C1 hole. While corpie and wormhole pal from yesteryear Brep ran the combat sites, I took Brucey into the C1 to see what was up in w-space.

Nothing, that’s what. Only a Drake on scan, probably at a POS, and a buttload of signatures. I warped around a bit to make sure I hadn’t missed anything, and decided to check for offline towers. Always bet on stupid. Well my probes didn’t find any towers, but did find that Drake. And from the looks of it, he was just sitting there. I quickly probed him down, warped the Cheetah to 100km and was gobsmacked to see that not only was it just sitting there in space, it was unoccupied.


After a self-satisfied grin and little skip of the heart, I came thudding back down to earth with the realisation that nobody in our corp could fly a Drake, being Matar and Gallente drone whores. Hmm, what to do. I wonder what my Caldari Black Ops alt-in-training is up to? A quick simulation in EveHQ revealed that the Great Drake Yoink was only four hours of training away, with Battlecruisers II. Commence.

In the meantime we went on a 3-man frigate roam into the local lowsec to see what we could see. We ended up hugging gates, surrounded by Maels, Drakes and covops boats. Lowsec ain’t what it used to be. However one of the locals brought out a Cane, which he very kindly offered to 2v1 the remaining Tristan and Rifter in (the Ishkur having had to log). Um, no deal. Would we be interested in a Rupture? By this time we just wanted splosions of any colour, so we agreed.

Being ever wary of a TARP, I warped Brucey’s Cheetah to the designated belt only to see the Rupture sitting well above it, no doubt fit for range, and 40km from me. Nice. A 10km orbit would give the Rifter and Tristan a good warp in under the guns for a pro Rupture kill. He’d never be the wiser if I didn’t break cloak. 30… 20… 15…

He warped off. The git.

We played all innocent in local, talking about how Shaz had been talking our green (1 week old) Tristan pilot through how it would go down, and huzzah, he came back to the belt. 50km away from Bruce’s covops. Repeat. 40… 30… 20…

Again. Warped. Gave us a line about needing to go, and went afk. I made sure to leave a good natured taunt about a Ruppy running from a Rifter and a 1-week old toon in a Tristan, and we left, balls blue. Never mind; the training countdown was almost done and we had a Drake to steal.

We made it to the C1 with 15 minutes to spare before training was done; Bruce still in the Cheetah and the alt in a shuttle. Oh, what I’d pay to hear our intrepid Drake abandoner’s choice of words when he no doubt logged on his Noctis to find his “safespot” Drake significantly downgraded. Given the number of signatures in the C1, and the time instability of the hole, I elected not to jump in right away in case it closed. I’ve scanned an exit many times from a C2 with 30+ sigs, and the exit is always in the last five. It’s a pain in the arse.

So I started drafting this post. Time passed. Then…

SEVEN minutes from the completion of training…

The hole popped. End of life. Vanished away, taking J213653 and my Drake with it.

Eve, you blue-balling bitch, that’s twice in one day.


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