No Loot For… Me

Posted: 2010/09/15 by evilsilents in Activities
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Got tired of running missions after finishing just one.  Bought a new Hound (yes, I did name it Tifa is Awesome), fit it minimally for bombing for a total cost of 30M (out of my total 42M), jumped into my no-implant clone and went bombing in Provvie.

Did a lot of stalking and was 10km from launching on a Crow before he warped off.  That would have been a nice kill.

In the end I launched on an Agony Cheetah who was salvaging after his gang knocked off a ‘Geddon.  The pilot was good – he had his finger on the warp button as he salvaged, and spammed it as soon as he saw me decloak.  I got a good bomb off, and he evemailed me afterwards to say it was close enough that he heard the bomb in warp :)

Sigh, still no killmails for me, but I’m getting closer.


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