I just won Eve

Posted: 2010/09/15 by evilsilents in News
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So there I was wondering how to afford to replace my bombers when (not if) I lose them again, and lo and behold I get a curious evemail.

Subject: Grand Prize Winner

Hi, this is John from Dense Veldspar. You are our grand prize winner of our contest. I have deposited 1B into your account.


Scam right?  Hey, this is Eve.  Except, well I diiiid enter a competition on the Dense Veldspar blog…..

Verified in EveHQ.  I went from 45M ISK across both toons to 1.045B ISK across both toons.  So I’m off to buy 10 gold-plated bombers and a whole hangar of exotic dancers.  More anything? Moar EVERYTHING!

Thanks John!


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