Emboldened – and a Pilgrimmage

Posted: 2010/09/15 by evilsilents in Activities
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Amazing what a bit of cash in the pocket can do for one’s aggression.  I was straight into Provvie again looking for likely targets.

There was a wreck on a gate in H6 which looked appealing (and a lot like a trap), but as there was nobody in local I docked up in the Freeport and fitted some salvagers and a probe launcher plus a bomb reload and jetted back out to grab it.  Three dual-salvager cycles later it hadn’t budged (I only have Salvaging III on Bruce) and someone popped up on D-scan, so I GTFO.

I thought I’d keep an eye on the wreck though, and sure enough a Cheetah zipped up to it and whipped a salvager of his own out.  Align, bomb, very dodgy GTFO straight to the 9UY gate where I landed three feet short of a bubble.  Apparently I tore off the covops’ shields, but that’s not really worth a 700k bomb!  His mates arrived in short order and we exchanged polite gf’s before I jumped out for downtime.

On doing a bit more reading, bomb-only seems only to be effective as a kill strategy against a) MWD frigates or b) destroyers.   That means either an inty burning straight at me, with careful range management and timing, or a dictor sitting on a gate.  Even then, it’s iffy.

So I think I’ll head back to the torp fit, study Valadeya’s guide and see if I can bag me a cruiser or two.

The Pilgrimmage

As a long time fan of Podded Podcast, I’d heard a lot about Providence and in particular the 9UY4-H UNITY Station, the spiritual home of Ushra’Khan (now Damu’Khonde).  Being a Minmatar RP alliance I always felt a little soft spot for U’K, and I couldn’t resist sticking my nose in to check it out; especially as with Pandemic Legion rolling into Provvie, UNITY may not be in Matari hands for long.  Frankly I expected to be melted the second I jumped in, but Tifa is a bit of a lucky charm and I grabbed a happy snap just before downtime.  Quality.  I salute you D’K, come for your people.

The famous UNITY station

UNITY station in 9UY4-H (Providence)

Also, a nice bomber video from Dirt Nap Squad.


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