It Pays To Pay Compliments

Posted: 2010/09/13 by evilsilents in Activities

Today I have stumbled upon a new way of making 240M/hr.  Herewith the chatlog from a short lurk in E-Uni channel, after the break…

Tifa took me up on my offer and deposited 20M into my account.  I had to honour the deal, it was the right thing to do.

Sables > i just want to wast money, but dont know what to buy :(
Sandman Contra > a freighter
Sables > lol
Prof Reichenbach > Dramiel
Goon Dude > Titan lawl
Tifa Lochheart > Dramiels are nice
Silent Bruce > I am selling compliments.  if you buy me a new Hound, I will spend five minutes telling you how splendid you are.
Goon Dude > hows about i get half of what is costs back? lol
Sables > im tempted by that offer
Tifa Lochheart > so what thats like 20 mill?
Marc Snow > yes
Prof Reichenbach > 16 – 17 mil
Silent Bruce > fitted of course
Goon Dude > count me OUT lol
Sables > no deal then
Silent Bruce > your loss sables.  I was thinking of some particularly complimentary things
Tifa Lochheart > you can buy it now
Tifa Lochheart > congrats
Tifa Lochheart > now tel me im awesome
Viluris > Hell, for that much, I expect some better……”service”
True Logos > Happy ending?
RorChak Baalraj > 0.o
Viluris > depends on how drunk I am
Goon Dude > heres a deal i buy u a hound u buy me a purifier
Silent Bruce > Well to start:
Goon Dude > lol im jk
Silent Bruce > Tifa, I have found, smells particularly [manly|womanly] in a rugged sort of way
Viluris > lol
Goon Dude > lawl
Tifa Lochheart > rofl
Silent Bruce > plus, he is renowned for his skill at pvp
RorChak Baalraj > oh my
Silent Bruce > is merciful, yet ruthless when cornered
Silent Bruce > exhibits all of the qualities desired in a unista
Tifa Lochheart > XD
Viluris > Ya know what? I think I’ll get you that ship just to keep you quiet////
Tifa Lochheart > hey let me get my five minutes!
True Logos > I wanna see how long he actually makes it
Silent Bruce > and is becoming widely known for his generosity to rubbish bomber pilots who lose their ships in the first bubble they come across.
Phellan Fontaine > hey boss
True Logos > No way this lasts five minutes
RorChak Baalraj > lol
Tifa Lochheart > show em bruce! show em u aint a liar
Nanny Oakley > Should I take my rifter or my thrasher to do the arnon missions?  Its like 21 jumps, that’s a long way to drive two ships.
True Logos > Thrasher would prob be a better bet
Silent Bruce > were I to be the beneficiary of one of tifa’s [man|woman] hugs, I am certain I would find it firm, compassionate and altogether appropriate
Tifa Lochheart > wtf lol
True Logos > Hahahaha, wow
RorChak Baalraj > lol….wow
Viluris > I’m greatly distrubed by what I’m reading…..
Silent Bruce > not only is tifa a fearsome pvper, but his advice to prospective unistas is accurate, well-considered and objective.
BladeHeart > /emote lurks
True Logos > I’m pretty entertained
Silent Bruce > how’s my time?
Tifa Lochheart > 3 minutes
Silent Bruce > gone or left?
RorChak Baalraj > gone
Silent Bruce > I cant’ really afford fittings with 20M
True Logos > Horrible
Silent Bruce > ok
RorChak Baalraj > lol
Viluris > Now wait a god damn minute! I call BS on that last statement! She/He/It told me to go to Hell awhile back. That’s not nice
True Logos > Sure it is
Tifa Lochheart > when did i say to go to hell!
True Logos > Tough love
Tifa Lochheart > ive always been nice
Tifa Lochheart > XD
Silent Bruce > viluris, I refuse to believe that the generous, warm-hearted and tender Tifa would in any way engage in that sort ofabuse
Tifa Lochheart > that was hilarious tho
Tifa Lochheart > XD
Viluris > …….I give up….
Tifa Lochheart > funny but true im a nice person
True Logos > Wait, weren’t you flying a STEALTH bomber through the gate camp?
Viluris > …………………………………
Silent Bruce > to conclude, I recommend tifa as a sterling member of the Eve community, and heartily endorse any product and/or service he/she promotes in the future.  Tifa, you are truly my hero.
True Logos > Was talking about Bruce, Viluris
Silent Bruce > hence the word rubbish
True Logos > lol
True Logos > Fair enough
Silent Bruce > well that was exhausting… next time I want tech II fittings
RorChak Baalraj > /emote golf claps
Viluris > LOL
Sandman Contra > still have another week till large energy turret 5
Silent Bruce > oh wow, glad those rats didn’t aggress me during that, I wouldn’t even have noticed
Viluris > Lol
RorChak Baalraj > hehe
Silent Bruce > I seriously am going to buy a hound iwth that

Thanks Tifa, I’m going to buy that Hound and name it “Tifa is Awesome”.

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