R.I.P. Bobby’s Megathron

Posted: 2010/09/12 by evilsilents in Activities
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My precious Hound from last night’s shenanigans is now nothing more than a 25M piece of salvage in the hands of Agony Unleashed.

Brep wasn’t going to be around much tonight, so I figured I’d drop her in the H6-CX8 station, jumpclone out and pirate for a bit.  Well Agony must have noticed me coming down the pipe, because as I jumped into H6 a Sabre warped on grid and bubbled my ass.  I cloaked and drove out of it, but she managed to decloak me just as I was warping off.  Hounds being made of paper, and this being my first ever bubble escape, I didn’t get onto the Pod Saver tab until it was too late.  Boom. Boom.

Ignore the fail torps, it was all I could find and I was going to replace them with explosive ones in H6.

GF via evemail once my pulse slowed down a bit.  All credit to Chumpgirl, it was a good fight.  I’ll be back as soon as I can buy a new Hound…


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