POS attack fail… again

Posted: 2010/08/30 by evilsilents in Activities
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Sunday morning.  all set for a bit of fun with the kids, get them off to bed and some pirating shenanigans in Eve in my new temporary home in Gallente space.  Quick check of Eve Gate to see what’s going on – what’s this? A mail from a corpie who has a scanning alt in our old Class 2?

As of this timestamp the other corp that setup shop inside our wh tower is now offline….go figure they too apparently having trouble keeping things running smoothly. Anyway I looked over the tower and whatnot. Easy pickings.

An offline POS?  In a wormhole that I also, as it happens, have a scanning alt in?  Well now.  Piracy has a new name, and it is POS bashing.

So in and around playing with the kids, I scanned down the seven signatures inside the hole and on the sixth (of course) I found an exit to lowsec not 14 jumps away from my base.  I autopiloted both my toons to the nearest hisec station while I cooked dinner; Shaz fitted up a max-DPS battleship in and around bathtime, and at 7pm with the kids in bed I hooked up with another corpie in an Itty V for the POS rape of a lifetime.  What goodies would we uncover?  What riches awaited us?

An incident-free traversal of lowsec under Bruce’s watchful covops eyes and we were in.  Bruce warped to the enemy POS and it was, as reported, totally offline and unpopulated.  D-scan was clear – Bruce gave the OK for the big ships to warp in and for Shaz to start pwning the Corp Hangar.

Er… where’s the Corp Hangar?

Er… where’s the Maintenance Bay?

So it seems that the good folks from Zaren Family are smarter than initially thought.  They left their medium POS offline with all defences anchored and took the hangar, maint bay and all their stuff out.  They’re clearly planning on coming back once the sites revive, and they don’t need to arse about with re-anchoring everything.  There’s no point in bashing the POS as no profit can be made, and it’s probably still chockers with Strontium.  Grudging respect for the cleverness of that approach.

I bashed it a bit anyway, purely out of frustration.  Even the anchored GSC’s were almost entirely empty apart from some scan probes and stuff.


So we picked up our PI and headed out, to log off in a huff at a wasted evening.  Thank you CCP, may I have another?


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