I am a noob… apparently

Posted: 2010/08/30 by evilsilents in Activities

I thought it was about time to get some rep up so that I can access L4 agents for locator purposes.  As it happens, my buddy Brep is running L4’s at the moment in Gallente space, so I packed up a few ships and spare ammo and pirating fits and moved on over.

So there I am in a Level 2, farming rep with Bruce in his Jag and Shaz in a salvage Cyclone, when eelp turns up in the mission in a Heron.  Hello, this mission just got interesting!

He starts sidling up to one of my unlooted wrecks, quite obviously getting ready to flip me.  Well sir, I have a little surprise for you.  Both Shaz and Bruce made a beeline for him in readiness.

Just… JUST as he went flashy and I was ready to spring the trap, the missus walked into the room and grabbed my attention about something or another.  It was one of those things that you’re supposed to take seriously, and I simply couldn’t manage two accounts in PvP while giving the appropriate level of concerned nodding.  Something had to give, and I missed the tackle after evaporating the Heron’s shields.  Without the distraction I would have been able to switch to Hail, sic Shaz’s Tech II drones on him and scram him good, earning a nice Heron killmail.  C’est la vie.

Of course, as soon as he warped out, the missus stomped off at my inability to immediately drop everything I was doing and give her my full attention with no notice.  My bad.  Ah well, I bet eelp will be back in something tasty now that he has aggression from Bruce.  Best clean up these wrecks so he doesn’t extend aggro all night.

Lo and behold, he turns up about ten minutes later (really?  Did he have to buy and fit something specially?) in a Brutix, probably fitted something like this.  Well I’m not stupid, and I like choosing my battles rather than having them dictated to me, so I finished salvaging and warped off.  Laughing, I convoed him.

Shaz: o/
eelp: run run as fast as you can
Shaz: get anything nice? :)
eelp: noob (close convo)

Awwww, poor widdle flipper got cross that I didn’t stick around to be shot at by his slow-ass battlecruiser, and he wasted an hour to get one wreck’s worth of level 2 loot and almost lose his Heron.  The fact that he’d warped his own Heron out of a fight he couldn’t win was lost on him, though he expected a PvE Assault Frigate and a salvage-fitted Cyclone should do the honourable thing and stick around to be pwned by a ship specifically designed to do so.  Erm, no.  Noob things I could have done:

  • Shot him before he flipped, resulting in concordokken
  • Left wrecks in the site, allowing him to extend aggro
  • Tried to dock with an aggression timer
  • Lost the fight to the Heron (for that, I would have had the word noob tramp-stamped on my arse)
  • Um… tried to fight him, resulting in a dead Cyclone and a warped-off Brutix

Hope your next flip target is stupider than me eelp.  You can’t play a playa :)


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