Cherry… popped.

Posted: 2010/08/22 by evilsilents in Activities, Thoughts

I have stolen.

It felt good.

After an hour scanning a likely ice system for candidates for my first love, finding nothing but a very well organised and staffed ice operation, I decided to move to a nearby intersection system to see what I could rustle up with my D-scanner.  I immediately got a hit on a Cyclone in a mission site, which I certainly wasn’t confident of taking out with my backup 2nd account but hey, who dares wins right?

Being a 0.8 system it was never going to be a super dangerous mission, but you gotta start somewhere.  In with my Vigil and nobody there.  The inconsiderate vandals from Fish ‘n’ Fun had left a bunch of half-looted wrecks in a one-room mission and scooted right out of local.  I felt it was my duty to clear it away.

Clicking on that “Yes I Am Happy To Steal This” button was cathartic.  I had a little evil giggle and pressed on, engaging my best W-space d-scan and Local surveillance.

10 minutes later I had about 300k worth of salvage and loot (nothing special right) and a good feeling that I had done something new.  Had I been just slightly more distracted by waking kids and inquisitive wife, I might have indeed pressed that “dock” button in my eagerness to enjoy my spoils.  As it was, the old Eve instincts kicked in, the hairs on the back of my neck went up and I paused for thought.  What is it.  What’s wrong.

Aggression timer.

My first one.

Time to write a blog post while I wait.

Fish ‘n’ Fun have not been heard from, and I doubt I will as they had cut and run.  Litterbugs, all of them.  Me, I’m happy to be alive and if I should lose my salvage Vigil, hey it’s just about paid for itself already.  Obviously this stuff isn’t as profitable as the 20M/hr C2 sites I’m used to, but the potential for giggles is much higher.

And if you’re not playing for giggles, why play games?

o7 Silents

Postscript: On docking up at the end of these shenanigans, I noticed a certain miner undocking in a Retty.  Checking him out, I saw he was youngish (though eligible) and popped out to have a look for him.  Turns out he was solo mining in a belt, tanking the 0.8 rats.  Hooboy.

Long story short, he was mining to cargo and unloading at the station.  Dude is more patient than me.  I waited a whole cycle cloaked up off his port bow to see if he’d spit a can out, but no joy.  He really needs to get a friend with a hauler :)


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