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Posted: 2010/08/20 by evilsilents in News, Thoughts

I’ve been playing Eve Online for some time now.  For a lot of that time I was a carebear, then late last year I joined Eve University and the Ivy League Navy with my main, Silent Bruce, to get some PvP.  I loved being a unista, loved the ILN and still think E-Uni is one of the proudest achievements of the Eve player base.

As Brucey ascended the ladders of the ILN, my alt Silent Shaz decided it was time to leave her carebearing ways and go live in W-space.  Forming Into The Pink with some buddies, she set off into the unknown.

Not long afterwards, Bruce reluctantly left the Uni to join Shaz in the hole to defend ITPNK’s POS (as E-Uni prohibits mixed-fleet PvP, he could not do this as a Unista).  A week turned into a month, and both toons remain in the corp to this day.  Wormhole ops recently ceased (as you can read on the ITPNK blog) and both accounts were scratching around for something to do.

So, dear reader, that brings us to Evil Silents.  Throughout my Eve career I have experienced much in the way of the dark side from the receiving end, including a very expensive suicide gank in highsec.  I never once flew into emo rage though, as it’s the non-consensual danger of Eve that makes it such a compelling MMO, especially having come from the consequence-free world of WoW.  I have never, however, trodden on that wild side myself.

Until, as you have no doubt guessed, now.

I’m going to see what the world of Eve has to offer as a game, where I can explore shades of morality that differ wildly from that which I adhere to in RL.  I want to know what it is to flip a can, to suicide gank a hauler, to ninja salvage.  I do this not with malice or intent to grief, but in order to get the full experience out of my subscription.  No doubt I will fail spectacularly on many occasions and give my would-be targets cause for great hilarity.  That is all part of Eve’s rich pageant and I wouldn’t deny them that.

I will adhere to my principles though, for what they are worth.  I know that the line between griefing and piracy is a fuzzy one, so I elect to define it thus: I will not set out to deliberately ruin someone else’s enjoyment of the game, as that is what I call griefing.  Non-consensual PvP and thievery are intentional, legitimate game mechanics, and do not constitute griefing even in highsec.  Having your shit blown up or took in Eve is a part of the game, and while that may diminish your enjoyment of that day’s play, Eve would be pointless and banal without it.

If you pay your ransom, I will honour it.

Toons under 1 month old are off limits to me, unless they’re in ORE ships or they shoot me unprovoked.  Similarly I will abide by my corp’s NAP with E-Uni.  Unistas are off limits in recognition of E-Uni’s sterling contribution to developing the new players of New Eden.  Note that this in no way implies an endorsement by the Uni of my activities.  I am not affiliated with the Uni in any way other than as an alumni.

If you do not fit into one of these categories, then I will look forward to seeing you in the black.

Please note that my activities are my own – as enacted by Silent Bruce and Silent Shaz – and do not reflect on the attitudes or preferences of my corpmates (though they may change their minds!).  It’s for this reason that I’m blogging seperately from the corp blog.  I understand that some may wish to wardec ITPNK for my actions, but as CEO I accept that risk on their behalf and will do my best to keep them out of it.

I will at some point update the Info page to elaborate more on why I think engaging in these more… unsavoury… aspects of Eve is legitimate and fun for all involved.




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